Karma Never Wastes Energy

Here at The Karmic Path, we have a foundational saying, Karma Never Wastes Energy”.  With every situation we face, there are reasons and opportunities for us to learn and grow — even though at the time, we may not know what those reasons or opportunities may be. They may not manifest for weeks, years, or even in this lifetime. That is what can make this so hard to understand our karmic paths and our soul purposes.

I was recently sent this amazing link to a song by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli. When I saw it, it reminded me of a story that I had heard Ed Sheeran tell an audience a few years back as he was being honored for a Benefit Gala.

Here is the story: As a child, Ed Sheeran says that he was not a popular child among his classmates. He stated that he was a weird child. He had a port wine stain birthmark on his face that was eventually surgically removed, hearing impairment, glasses, and then a speech impediment. This speech impediment was a severe stutter. Then he discovered how music would change his life.

He went on to say that every day after school, he would go to his bedroom and learn to sing and play the guitar. I am going to assume that this was his escape and it eventually became his passion.

In this process, he learned to be himself and what that meant.

For all of us out there who suffer from some type of illness, birth defect, or any other issues, remember that karma does have a plan for us, and we may just be doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing for our greater good and to fulfill our soul purpose.

Without Ed’s early childhood dilemmas, would he be the singer/songwriter he is today? Did karma “gift” him with this stutter so that he could take to music and learn to overcome it? Was this a karmic test? Was this part of his life path? These are questions we can all ask ourselves about ourselves.

#79 Karma Never Wastes Energy

Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli

Childhood Story

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