Karma Is Not Always Sexy

Believe it or not, karma is not always sexy- no matter what those images are that are posted to your Instagram feed which are tagged #karma. Sometimes it may seem karma is basic and boring, but when you look at the details, you can begin to see and appreciate the many facets and nuances of how karma works. When Tina and I create our radio shows on karma, we try to make karma tangible, something that people can begin to see and feel, something relatable. We try to bring out the physics of the metaphysics. Recently, we did a show on the karma of “Please” and “Thank You”. These three words carry with them a lot of karmic magic. And these words are found in every single language on the planet, throughout the history of time.

Everything is energy. Everything has a vibration or frequency to it. And this includes words. Think about this popular phrase: “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can be deadly.” How can a word be deadly? Because they have an energy signature with them. A great illustration of this is the work of Dr. Emoto. He proved this as he exposed water crystals to a variety of words, prayer, music and other concepts. This video shows how water molecules react to what is presented to them. As humans, we are approximately 73% water. So yes, words can be deadly. They can also be healing. Karma offers us free will and we all have choices in the words and thoughts we have.

When we use common courtesy, and do things like say “Please” and “Thank You” it improves our karmic path and the karmic paths of those around us. How can this be? It is because these words convey appreciation, respect and gratitude to the recipient and it keeps the relationship in balance.

Parents earn tremendous positive karma when they teach their children these basic courtesies. When we learn them at a young age they become engrained in who we are and they become a part of who we are. And this raises our frequency. Karma and Frequency is a book that offers tools and insights into raising your frequency and improving your Karmic Path.

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