Karma and Moms

We pick our parents. Yes, we really do. And by now you may be thinking: “Surely I will choose better next time.” Or you may be thinking, “I chose well.” We choose our parents based on our karmic paths, lessons to be learned, and resonance. Oftentimes we reincarnate within the same family group and but play different roles in each lifetime. However, at the center of it all is “mom”. Literally, without mom, none of us would have been born.

What do moms offer us? They offer us a myriad of learning opportunities. And it starts before we are even born.

In looking back at The Karmic Path radio show this year, it occurred to us that we discuss moms a lot! Moms offer us a lot of karmic opportunities. In the episode, The Karma of 3 Magic Words, we examined the karmic implications of “Please” and “Thank you”. These three little words carry a lot of karmic weight- if you use them or not! In most cases, it is the mom who teaches us these basic manners, social graces. If mom does not teach us these things, we are then offered a set of different lessons. It is not good or bad, it simply is. It is simply an opportunity for us on our karmic paths.

Sometimes the lessons can be “What not to do”. As in the show, “Don’t Tease the Volcano”, the poor behavior on one person’s part can be an opportunity to stand up and say no. Karma is always watching. Karma wants to know if we have learned the lesson. Karma will also test us when we least expect it to see if we really, truly have learned the lesson. A good example of this is the classic bully situation. Many times, a bully can be a family member. If a family member is bullying another person, the mom has an opportunity to stand up and say no. This will change her karmic path and the path of those around her. If she does not stand up, then an opportunity arises for another person to do so. Either way, karma is offers us learning opportunities.

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