Karma and Angels

As a psychic parent, I found myself at a cross-roads. One of my daughters had just gotten her driver’s license and a new car. She wanted to go to the beach early that first Saturday morning of her license so she could practice driving (on the 5 north in San Diego) by herself. I thought this was reasonable. However, the night before I did not want her to go. At. All. In fact, I had blurted out, “If you go, you will be in an accident and the accident will not be your fault.” I was stunned that came out! I swear that was not me talking. She was upset and so was I and I told her to talk to her dad and if he said it was ok, she could go. I really could not tell if I was being an over protective parent or this was some sort of premonition. Dad said she could go. So I did the next best thing. The morning she left, I requested that her car be packed full of angels and that she have all sorts of Divine protection/intervention to help keep her safe.

At 7:50 a.m. I got the call that all parents dread.

Long story short, my daughter was involved in a hit and run accident. Miraculously, she would be ok. The other driver clipped her rear left side at 90 mph. She was in a small car. The CHP officer said she should have spun in 360° across the freeway or flipped over. Somehow a miracle happened. She ended up on the side of the freeway, perfectly parked and she does not remember how she got there. She did tell me it felt like “someone else was driving”. The rear axle was completely broken and my daughter was banged up a bit and missed a few days of school. Later, as I filled out the DMV report, this wave of gratitude hit me. I did not have to check the “deceased” box on this DMV report. I am very grateful and have thanked my angels and the Divine support for their help that day. 

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