InkingYour Karmic Path

Tattoos have been an art form throughout our history and throughout many cultures. They are not new and they seem to be gaining in popularity. What happens to your body with that image you choose to embed upon your body? How can an image change what you are in resonance? How can it affect your life? What is the karma associated with that image? We discuss this in depth on Inking Your Karmic Path.

“The things you wear such as jewelry, tattoos, scents and talismans all have an energetic effect on you.  Tattoos can bring on big problems if they are not the correct talisman for you to wear and certain scents alter your own subtle body vibration.  How many of us even realize that jewelry has to be frequently cleared because gem stones and metals are not only magnets for errant energy flying around but can also amplify situations by holding energetic charges.” Lisa Barretta, author of The Book of Transformation.

Dr. Masuro Emoto, Messages from Water, studied the effects of symbols and words on water. His research has found that water takes on the energy of that symbol or word. Our bodies are up to 65% water. When we permanently put a symbol on the largest living organ of our body (our skin), that symbol becomes embedded within us.

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