Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View

The concept of ghosts exists throughout the history of time and throughout all cultures. If they do not exist, how could that be? Did you know that a ghost is a (former) person who died and did NOT cross over? Have you ever wondered what the ghosts have to say?  Tina and I share 3 of our very own ghost stories from their point of view. These souls talked to us and they told us why they did not cross over, what it is like to be a ghost and a lot more.

Tina and Laura’s Ghost Stories

  • Meet Rebecca, a 7 year old, daughter of a doctor, who died a sudden death and how she helped her mom from committing suicide.
  • Mr. Brown, a very proper ghost, wanted one last tour of a town he built. But the story does not end there!
  • A murder in a BMW.
  • Laura’s childhood friend, a twin, and a car accident that took place over 20 years ago.
  • A holocaust survivor, a middle school meeting, a child attendee and a mirror that turned into a portal from hell.
  • A family secret and a baby ghost who tells all.
  • Teenagers, a shooting, and a really bad idea. Does marijuana create portals to hell? Can it open up a portal? What happens when dark intelligences take over the living? Do they also take over the dead? What happens when one friend tries to help another?

These stories are 100% true and each soul tells us the whys and hows as to why they did not cross over.

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