Free Will, Freedom, and Karma

Free will is the ability to make choices and take actions.  This is the very essence of karma. And every one of those choices carries a consequence and for every action is a reaction. These consequences can be positive, negative or even neutral. We are free, but not perfectly free. We have a responsibility to grow spiritually, to do the right things. Not only are we responsible for what we do, we are also responsible for what we become and how we influence those around us. In our podcasts on karma, Tina and I often talk about the metaphor of dropping a pebble into a body of water. When the pebble hits the water, it forms multiple concentric rings. These rings echo out. These rings also bump into other rings that were formed by other pebbles, rocks, and even boulders that were dropped into that same body of water. The dropping of the pebble is the karmic action. The rings that echo out are the karmic reactions. These karmic pebbles and rings are also learning opportunities. How we handle situations, what we learn from the experiences, and what we do with our new knowledge will either enhance or deplete our karmic bank accounts.

Freedom is a karmic opportunity. There are many degrees of freedom. Depending on where we live, the amount of freedoms a society has varies. For those that live in the United States, our founding fathers built in personal freedoms into our Constitution. As you may know, my Karmic Path partner, Tina Erwin is a retired US Navy Commander. And so is her husband. I recently asked her what freedom meant to her and here is what she said, “For me, freedom means vigilance. That you can never take freedom for granted. You have to pay attention to when freedoms become eroded. Too much intervention is a loss of freedom.” Freedom is a karmic responsibility. Freedom is to be loved, respected, and defended. How we handle freedoms and those choices will echo out for an eternity.

The podcast, July 4th, is about more than just the United States’ Independence Day. It is about the human experience.

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