Epilogue to the Karma of Suicide

Tina and I want to express our sincere gratitude for all of you who listened and shared The Karma of Suicide podcast with your loved ones and on social media. This particular episode hit home to many. It seems we all know someone who has committed suicide.

Suicide, as a form of death, is near and dear to our hearts. Most people who commit suicide do so thinking they can escape the tortures of this lifetime. Little did they know, those same tortures follow them in the afterlife if they do not cross over into The Heaven World. We have heard horror stories from the dead who committed suicide. These stories are never easy to hear, but they do afford us a deeper level of understanding and compassion. Thus, we felt the need to share what we have learned.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Unseen factors that may cause a person to commit suicide
  • What can happen to a soul who commits suicide
  • Why they tend to not cross over
  • Is suicide contagious?
  • What can I do to help my loved one who already committed suicide? (See GhostHelpers.com)

We would like to share some of the comments and testimonials we have received, thanks to all of you.

“I always knew my brother was still with me. I used the Crossing Over prayer like you said and I can now honestly say he is in Heaven.”

“I clicked on the link and found the CROSSING OVER Prayer! I am thrilled to learn that anyone can use it and I don’t have to find a psychic that may or may not be truthful.”

“I had a spirit who committed suicide in my house when I moved in. I told him that God loves him and he needed to go HOME and I played the prayer. Since then, I do not hear any noises no more. Thank you!”

“I changed my mind about killing myself after listening to this show. I learned that I will have to do it over again if I kill myself. I feel like I can now be strong and do this life.”

Tina and I feel strongly about helping all souls to cross over. Ultimately, this is the same compassion we would want for ourselves and our loved ones.

Again, thank you all who take time out of your day to listen to The Karmic Path, we are very grateful to you all.

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