Empath Karma

An empath is a person who may be extra sensitive to energies, emotions of others, and tend to suffer emotionally and be exhausted. This is not an easy life to live especially when there are global tragedies as those emotions echo out in a karmic ripple.

Is this a psychic ability or is it caused by other factors? Or is it both? We discuss these questions and how an empath can learn to take their power back. As with everything we do, there is karma attached to it.

  • Can a person who has been abused as a child become extra sensitive?
  • Is empathic energy a resonance issue?
  • Should you allow yourself to feel everyone else’s energy?
  • Why should you understand what it means to be an empathy?
  • Can being an empathy be dangerous?
  • Can you be empathic and practiced detached compassion?

The bottom line is that we must educate ourselves. Do we really need to feel everyone else’s everything? How can we learn to practice detached compassion and what is that?

Empath Karma

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