Can the Living Haunt the Dead?

We know that the dead can haunt the living. But is it possible for the living to haunt the dead? How can this be? Can the living prevent the dead from crossing over into Heaven? What is the physics behind the metaphysics?

Can the Living Haunt the Dead?

Laura helped a mother who’s daughter was murdered and the mom knew she did not cross over. This mother loved her daughter so much that she knew her daughter needed to cross over but did not know how to help her. This is such an important concept that we are passionate about sharing.

  • Can a living murderer hold on to his dead victim?
  • Can a living, grieving person actually prevent a soul from crossing over despite their good intention?
  • Can loving a dead soul actually harm that person?
  • How is it possible for a living person to haunt a dead person?

#94 The Karma of the Walking Dead

  • If you cross someone over can he or she ever return to be with you?
  • How can you tell the difference between a ghost and a thought form?
  • How can you find peace and hope in your life after you cross over a loved one?
  • Is the process of emotional healing enhanced after someone arrives in the Heaven World?

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