Are Psychic Abilities a Gift?

Are psychic abilities a gift? If so, should a psychic charge for services that require their abilities?

You will never hear Tina or myself talk about psychic abilities being “gifts”. The reason? A gift you can return. A gift you can re-gift! A gift is supposed to be something fun to open on a special occasion. Psychic abilities are earned. Psychic abilities are skills that are honed lifetime after lifetime. When psychic abilities are used for spiritual service, they can be difficult, and can expend enormous amounts of energy on the part of the psychic. Why are some people more psychic than others? The answer may be more simple that you realize.

We all incarnate on this planet with different abilities or talents. These abilities or talents are something that we practice and hone lifetime after lifetime. For example, you may have heard about a 6 year-old child who is a piano prodigy. She can play Mozart like the best of them. How did she get so good so quickly? Chances are she has reincarnated lifetime after lifetime with a mission to play or create music. That is one of her soul’s life mission. What about a top-notch surgeon? Chances are he has been in the healing arts for many lifetimes, too. This is karma in action. Karma affords us opportunities for learning and growth…over and over until we get it right.

How is the pianist or surgeon different than a person who has psychic abilities? It is not. It is simply a function of souls having different missions. One is not better than the other. They are simply different.

When you go to a concert and pay for a ticket, part of the proceeds goes to the artist. What about when you have surgery or go to the doctor? Do you pay for those services? When you hire a psychic, that psychic is going to expend his/her energies and abilities to help you with your needs. And this, balances the karma between the client and the psychic, doctor, musician, or any other profession!

We discuss these concepts in depth on the podcast, The Karma of Charging for Psychic Services.

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